MDS Software Training

The support team provides software trainings on request.

Trainings January 2010 in Namibia, organized by the Museums Association of Namibia (NAM):

(see our visual report)

Summary of trainings:

1) Workshop on Documenting Tangible Heritage, 11th-12th January, 2010 at Windhoek Polytech

2)  On location: 13-27 th January

Walvis Bay

Walvis Bay Museum

New `contract labour’ museum, Walvis Bay


Swakopmund Museum & Sam Cohen Library

Kristall Galerie

Swakopmund Arts Association


Military Museum


Alte Feste Museum


Tsumeb Museum

Helvi Mpingana Kondombolo Cultural Village


Gobabis Museum


Arts Association (Windhoek)

Marine Archaeology Society

National Art Gallery of Namibia

National Museum of Namibia

TransNamib Museum

Geological Survey Museum

City of Windhoek Museum

National Archives of Namibia

Next trainings in the Russian Republic (Russian Museum Association) are scheduled in September 2010

Previous trainings were organized in Kenya (Africom and National Museum), Senegal (West African Museum Programme), Namibia (Museums Association of Namibia), South Africa (Robben Island Training Program, RITP), Botswana (National Museum and Art Gallery), Museums of Mozambique (UNESCO), the Russian Federation (Russian Museum Association) and in the Netherlands respectively.

Trainings are provided for groups of 10-20 trainees.

Application for training can be send to: